The Sunset Stomp Jazz Band ~ an Indiana Dixieland Band based in Indianapolis, IN

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Current Personnel: front row; Kathleen Miller, vocals; Robin Hopkins, banjo & vocals; back row: Larry McWilliams, trumpet; Mike Lucas, piano; Bill James, clarinet; Dan Hughey, trombone; Jesse Wittman (not pictured), bass and John Valdez (not pictured), drums

In 2010 Robin Hopkins and Kathleen Miller co-founded a new traditional Dixieland group : The Sunset Stomp Jazz Band  named after the often overlooked Louis Armstrong tune, The Sunset Café Stomp. The band has taken the jazz community by storm, playing at venues across the region and are featured regularly at the Jazz Kitchen (54th & College) in Indianapolis. Repertoire includes tunes such as the classic "Dallas Blues", "All of Me", Jelly Roll's "Sweet Substitute", Louis Armstrong's "Atlanta Blues" and "Little Girl" just to name a few.

We were invited to perform for the Central Illinois Jazz Festival this past February and returned for the Jazz # 38 event in February of 2013. The band also performed at Grugelfest in Toledo, Ohio in the fall of 2012. The group was well received at concerts for the Indianapolis Jazz Club- (were voted in the top 5 all-time favorite bands of the IJC membership!!) and for the Central Ohio Hot Jazz Society, as well as Decatur, Illinois' Juvae Jazz Society.

Our group was honored and excited to be invited to the 2013 and 2014 editions of the Suncoast Jazz Classic in Clearwater Beach, Fl.

Kathleen and I are honored to be invited to join the Dixie Daredevils in Decatur in November of 2015 as part of a fund-raising concert for the 2016 edition of the Central Illinois Jazz Festival.

In addition to the festival concerts, the band has played for Naptown Stomp, Indiana University, and Rose-Hulman's swing dance clubs.

The band can be heard on the 1st Tuesday each month at The Jazz Kitchen (54th & College) in Indianapolis, IN

Whether the audience is filled with young, lindy hopping steppers or west coast swingers, or even seasoned Hot Jazz listeners, this band delights one and al

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The Chant

Down In Honky Tonk Town

Alice Blue Gown

Si Tu Vois Ma Mere

Somebody Stole My Gal

Pics from The Central Illinois Jazz Festival at Decatur, IL Feb 3, 4, 5, 2012

The Sunset Stomp Jazz Band
Robin w/ Randy Morris - Piano ~ w/Paul Scavarda and Eddie Erickson. top left
Eddie Erickson and Kathleen Miller
Jordan West
Dan's Blue Trombone
Jeff Conrad
Kathleen, Dan Barrett, and Jordan West
Jack Helsley - top

w/ Mike Lucas - Left

Bill James, Jeff , Jack, and Dan
Kathleen w/Kilgore band
The following photos at Central Illinois Jazz Fest 2013 are courtesy of

Briana Kay Photography ~ Champaigne, IL

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